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Accommodation Report:Citadines Harborfront Yokohama opens in Nihon-Odori, Yokohama! Comfortable rooms with kitchenette for long stay. Pets are welcome.

Accommodation Report:Citadines Harborfront Yokohama opens in Nihon-Odori, Yokohama! Comfortable rooms with kitchenette for long stay. Pets are welcome.

Report on the Citadines HarbourFront Yokohama

Citadines Harborfront Yokohama opened on June 14, 2023 in Nihon Odori, Yokohama.
Citadines is operated by The Ascott Limited, a Singapore-based company that operates accommodation facilities in more than 220 cities in 40 countries around the world. The Citadines Harborfront Yokohama is the fifth hotel for the brand.
Citadines is French for the people who live in that city.
At Citadines Harborfront Yokohama, about half of the rooms are equipped with a kitchen and washer/dryer.
It is perfect for long-stay travelers.
In addition, a full range of pet-specific items are available, and it is possible to stay with pets.

The closest station to the hotel is Nihon-odori Station on the Minatomirai Line.

The hotel is closest to Nihon-odori Station on the Minatomirai Line of the train. Exit 4 of the station is directly connected to the hotel.
Check-in time is 14:00 and check-out time is 11:00.
The exterior of the hotel is a brick structure with a Western feel.
Nihon Odori, where the hotel is located, was the first Western-style street in Japan and was one of the first places where foreign culture was introduced.
The rooms incorporate ship motifs characteristic of a port town.
The walls of the hotel’s common areas are decorated with lights that resemble street lamps and brick masonry designs that are uniquely Yokohama.
More than 20 works of art are scattered throughout the museum.
The eight original copperplate prints by printmaker Mitsushige Nishiwaki were created for the Citadines Harborfront Yokohama, based on the history and culture of contemporary and former Yokohama.

Collaboration with long-established coffee shop “Ko-hi-kan”

The hotel is collaborating with Ko-hi-kan, a long-established coffee shop with a history of over 50 years.
You can check in while enjoying our special original coffee.
Complimentary “Ko-hi-kan” drip bags are available in the rooms, and “Ko-hi-kan” on the first floor of the hotel offers a buffet breakfast, a first for “Ko-hi-kan”.

The facilities of the “Premier Twin” where we stayed are

The hotel is 17 stories high and has 242 guest rooms.
The first floor is the front desk and lounge space.
There is a guest lounge with kitchen and terrace on the 7th floor, fitness, laundry, and meeting rooms.
Guest rooms are located on the 2nd to 6th and 8th to 17th floors.
This time we stayed on the 15th floor and report on the “Premier Twin”.
Rooms have kitchens equipped with electronic ovens and cooking utensils.
There is a spacious open closet equipped with hangers and a luggage stand.
Two single beds, flat screen TV, sofa and table by the window.
There is a horizontal desk and chair that can also be used for PC work, as well as a large storage box.
Wall art in blue and orange tones is also strikingly displayed.
The art is a townscape reminiscent of Yokohama, with seagulls flying in the air and a refreshing sea breeze.
The kitchen is fully equipped with a Balmuda electronic kettle and oven, and drawers and cupboards are stocked with dishes and kitchen utensils.
There are “Ko-hi-kan” coffee blends and tea sets.

Bathroom facilities and amenities include

Bathrooms are unit bath style with a bathtub, toilet, and washbasin all in one place.
Amenity box has toothbrush, hairbrush, razor, cotton & cotton swabs.
The manufacturer of the hair dryers is Salonia, and the hair irons for rent are also Salonia.
For skin care products (cleansing and toner), inquire at the front desk to get a kit to use up.
There is a table-top mirror, making it comfortable to prepare oneself while sitting down.
The pajamas are a gray front-buttoned one-piece. They are soft and comfortable.
The view from the room includes Yokohama Bay Bridge, Osanbashi Bridge, and on clear days, Mt.
On the seventh floor, there is a lounge with a kitchen that leads to an outdoor terrace, where you can cook or just relax with a cup of coffee during your stay.

Information and access to Citadines HarbourFront Yokohama

Information and access to Citadines HarbourFront Yokohama

Address: 5-2 Nihonodori, Naka-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Phone number: 045-680-3322
Check-in 14:00, Check-out 11:00

Accommodation Report:Citadines Harborfront Yokohama opens in Nihon-Odori, Yokohama! Comfortable rooms with kitchenette for long stay. Pets are welcome.

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